Our jungle oasis is nestled in the lush Semuc Champey valley, just a 10-minute walk to the famous cascades and pools. Surrounded by jungle and mountains with a river running through the property, Greengo's unites natural beauty with first-class modern comforts of home.

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Our mission is to provide an energetic, beautiful space for travelers to unwind and create memories,

while minimizing our environmental impact and giving back to our community and our planet.



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The vibe was chill from the moment we arrived.

Our room and the shared bathroom facilities were really nice and clean. We also made good use of the pool, and the music they played there made it even better. At Greengo’s they have really great evening activities for party lovers as well, such as a beer pong tournament.


The greatest thing about Greengo’s though, are the staff. We met some awesome people there, and the bartenders make the best cocktails. They’re also not afraid of too much tequilla shots. We’d definitely love to come back!


Denise E - Nov 2019

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Tenemos disponibilidad para Semana Santa!

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Marzo 27 - Abril 4 2021

We have availability for Semana Santa!

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March 27 - April 4 2021

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