Greengo's is a colorful hotel-hostel located right in the middle of lush jungle, steep mountains, and clear river waters of the Semuc Champey valley. Inspired by the surrounding natural beauty, Greengo’s was designed to make your visit a unique, fun, and memorable experience.


Whether you want to spend your day relaxing in our pool with a drink in hand, challenge your friends to a game of beach volleyball, or head out on an adventure-filled tour through the rivers and jungle, Greengo’s is the perfect place to make memories that will last forever.  

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YOU ASked, we answered

How do I get there?

Greengo's is located right next to Semuc Champey National Park, which is 11 km from the nearest town of Lanquin. There are shuttle companies that run daily to Lanquin from the major cities of Antigua, Guatemala City, Flores, Rio Dulce, and Panajachel. We provide transportation from Lanquin to Greengo's free of charge when you book for a minimum of two nights. If you are only planning to stay one night, the price is Q25 per person. If you are arriving on a regular shuttle, you do not need to arrange anything else, as our truck will meet you in Lanquin when you arrive to bring you back to Greengo's. If you are taking public transport, give us a call when you arrive in Lanquin, so that we can come pick you up. We do not have any transportation past 10 pm, so please ensure that you arrive in Lanquin earlier.Please be advised that we do our best to get you to Greengo's as quickly as possible, but as we have to coordinate with the arrival of many shuttles on different routes with varying road conditions, there is sometimes a waiting period in Lanquin. Please be patient - getting you here promptly is our top priority. Grab a beer at the nearby tienda and practice your Spanish with the locals while you wait!For those planning to drive to Greengo's, know that the road from Lanquin to our location is unpaved, and is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles or motorbikes. We have onsite free parking available for our guests.

How long should I stay?

Because of the long travel time getting to and from the area, we suggest a minimum stay of three nights. This allows for the first day of travel, two full days to relax and explore, and the fourth day to travel to your next destination. Of course, the more time you have, the better! If you prefer to slow down and really explore the area, we offer plenty of tours and activities to keep you entertained for much longer.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we can process credit card payments, but a 6% charge does apply. There are no ATMs in the Semuc Champey area, so we advise you to visit an ATM before arriving here. There is one ATM in Lanquin, but it is not always reliably working. It is best to get cash out in a larger city, where there are more ATM options available.

Why should I book a tour with Greengo's?

We are located just 10-minutes walk to the Semuc Champey park entrance, making it easy for travelers to visit the pools on their own. We offer the Semuc Champey & K'an Ba Caves Tour for those who want to explore a little more with the assistance of our expert local guides. They will show you the best spots to swim, jump from, and slide on, and show you how to dive through the hidden caverns below the water's surface. Our guides are very knowledgable about the area, and know how to show our guests a good time!

If you decide to skip the Semuc Champey tour, we have several other top-rated adventure tours. Check these out if you want to get off the tourist trail, explore deeper into the jungle and fresh river waters of the surrounding area, and learn a little about the local culture.

What should I bring?

Depends on what you want to do! Water-friendly shoes are great for the Semuc Champey pools, and necessary for the K'an Ba Caves (rentals available). We also reccommend using natural, biodegradable products (i.e. sunscreen or mosquito repellant) when swimming at Semuc Champey to minimize human impact on the eco-system. Other useful items: cash, refillable water bottle, padlock, good hiking shoes, and a Go Pro! for underwater photos.

Are you pet friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not allow guests to bring pets because we cannot have animals inside the rooms. However, we do have several friendly dogs living at the hostel, eager to play with guests.

Are you kid friendly?

We are an 18+ hostel, as the party culture is not appropriate for minors. Please speak to us in advance if you are travelling with mature teenagers and wish to stay at Greengo's.